Ch Jade Mist Memorandum ROM
      Ch Hill View Patriot Games ROM
        Hill View's Kari My Dream
    Ch Dan Dee One From The Heart ROM
        Ch Hannalore Home Run ROM
       Dan Dee Country Memory
        Dan Dee Tara Hill Country Charm
  Ch Solange Curb Appeal
        Ch Kambria Baffin Bay
       Ch Kymric Xterra
        Ch Kymric Catera
    Ch Solange Body Language
        Ch Daval Mind Games ROM
       Mindalyn Spring Fever
        Ch Mindalyn Unforgettable
Ch Starfall's Timeless Summerlove (Billy)
        Ch Zion's Man About Town ROM
        Ch Oasis Hey Dude
        Sunburst Hurricane Shiloh ROM
    GCh Sunburst One Cool Dude
        Ch Summerlove Ace Up Your Sleeve ROM
       Ch Sunburst Mercy Me
        Ch Sunburst Raisin Irish Mist
  GCh Summerloves Charades
        Daval Going My Way ROM
       Ch Summerloves Look My Way
        Tikaa's Essence Of Starfall ROM
    Summerloves Mardi Gras Of Milestone
        Ch Starfall Winds Of Summerlove
      Ch Starfall's Life Of The Party
        Starfall Starbright II

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