Summerlove Puppies

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Pups Born 10/24/18

Sable Pups


Pups Born 9/3/18

Blue Merle, Tri,
Bi-Blue, Bi-Blacks



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Available from our Friends .........

Aanen Shelties

   6 Mth Old Sable & White Female

Small Sable & White 6 Mth Old Female.
Call Tim Olson 352-474-0131 or

Photos below are of pups from prior litters at Summerlove









Contact Lorrie for more info on upcoming litters or other puppies or adults that could be available for placement.

 Note: We do not sell dogs or puppies over the Internet or by Phone sight unseen. If you are interested in one of our dogs/puppies, you will need to come to see them in person.

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